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University UNITED  A Coalition of Midway Citizens and Businesses

University UNITED Reports

Planning and Development Visioning

University Avenue Corridor Study
University UNITED, Dahlgren, Shardlow, and Uban, Inc., and Maxfield Research Group, Inc. 1988
This was the first comprehensive planning vision for University Avenue based upon work of profession consultants and extensive community process.

Educational, Cultural, and Health and Wellness Resources University Avenue and Lexington Parkway Intersection
University UNITED, 2002
A "resource mapping" of this intersection documented the significant health and wellness cluster at this intersection which was the basis for a development concept.
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Baseline Data for University Avenue Transit-Oriented Development Study
University UNITED, 2002

This report summarizes considerable demographic, social and economic data relevant to the planning studies done for the area between Lexington Parkway and Snelling Avenue.

On-line Survey of Midway Shoppers
University UNITED, 2002
Approximately 300 shoppers responded to an on-line survey of attitudes and experiences
Relating to the midway shopping centers.
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Midway: A Vision for an Urban Center (Midway Shopping Area Study)
University UNITED, with consultation from the architectural firm of Hokanson, Lunning, Wende, 2003
This report combined extensive retail and marketing analysis of the Midway Shopping Center area, comparing it to the Rosedale Shopping Center, as well as a comprehensive vision for a mixed-used development.
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A Conceptual Plan for Fairview and University
Prepared for University UNITED by Hokanson/ Lunning/ Wende
January, 2005
This architectural firm was retained to do a schematic master plan that demonstrated development opportunities and challenges at this intersection.


Student Housing Options in the Midway
University UNITED, 2001
This report examines the potential market for student housing projects along the corridor and placed in the context of collegiate engagement around the country.
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Potential Housing Sites on University Avenue
University UNITED, 2002
This report identifies potential development sites along University Avenue suitable for development of 3,000 units of new housing. It is based upon the work of a Housing Task Force.
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Industry / Manufacturing / Employment

Midway University Business Retention and Expansion Program
Study and report for University UNITED in partnership with the Minnesota Retention and Expansion Strategies Program, Minnesota Extension Service, University of Minnesota, 1996
A community Task Force did an in-depth study of 31 manufacturing firms to identify concerns so that local business climate could be improved.
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Study of Midway Manufacturing Trends
University UNITED, 2003
Extensive employment analysis documenting the loss of manufacturing jobs over the previous decade.

St. Paul Industrial Midway Framework Plan
Prepared for University UNITED by Dan Petrik, June 2004
Summarizes overall manufacturing trends, provides extensive site analysis of over 600 acres of the industrial Midway, and presents a planning vision for future development. This report nicely compliments the Southeast Minneapolis Industrial Plan (SEMA) from May, 2001.
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Freight Village: Creating Compatibility Out of Conflicting Land Uses As An Urban Village
Prepared for University UNITED by Christopher Ochs, 2006
This is a development vision that builds upon the continued use of the Midway industrial area as a major transit hub and introduces a mix of new land uses.


Midway Resident Telephone Survey
Prepared for the Midway Transportation Management Organization, a program of University UNITED, with consultation by MarketLine Research. 2002
This survey measured current transportation modes and potential mode-shifts towards non-SOV use (single occupant vehicle) use within the Midway/ University Avenue corridor.
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Midway Area Bus Study
Prepared for the Midway Transportation Management Organization, a program of University UNITED, with consultation by MarketLine Research. 2002
Extensive rider "intercept" surveys were done and this report measured current and potential transit rider behavior on Routes 16, 50 and 94B.
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Review of Literature on Surface Transportation Needs Within the University Avenue/ Midway Sector
Prepared for University UNITED by Transportation Policy Institute, 2004
This was a summary of relevant reports and information on transportation issues.

Analysis of Future Transportation Needs on St. Paul and Minneapolis Industrial Areas Under Proposed Development Scenarios
Prepared for University UNITED by Transportation Policy Institute, 2005
This report analyzes transportation impacts of anticipated future development and compares to current and planned transit capacity.
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Parking Supply, Demand and Requirements on University Avenue in St. Paul
Prepared by the Midway Transportation Organization, a program of University UNITED, 2006
This report did parking counts at a number of different locations along the corridor and at different times of the day and year, and makes policy recommendations.
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Snelling Avenue Parking Case Study
Prepared by the Midway Transportation Organization, a program of University UNITED, 2006
A thorough analysis was done of the parking options and requirements for the block on the NE corner of Snelling and University. As a case study, this shows the value of shared parking.
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Policy / Advocacy

University Avenue Property Tax Task Force Report
University UNITED, Jon Commers, 2007
Several years of extensive research was reviewed by a University UNITED Task Force which made a number of policy recommendations.
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Foreclosure Impact Analysis: Frogtown and Rondo Neighborhoods, Saint Paul, Minnesota
U-PLAN, April 2009
This report prepared by U-PLAN, a program of University UNITED, analyzed the significant impact that mortgage foreclosures had on properties throughout the entire community.
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